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Reconversion of offices in collaboration with Sarai Bervoets location : Brussels, BE | year : 2012-2013 | surface : 500m2

At the Free University of Brussels the secretariat of the facility of Engineering is redesigned and reorganised. The secretarial offices are located on the second floor of a modernist concrete building at the university campus in Etterbeek. The subdivided plan of the offices is stripped down to its (concrete) structure creating an open landscape where light penetrates deep into the space. Implementing all functions, the plan is rigidly organised, anticipating a possible growth. Pieces of furniture with different heights divide the public zone from the back office. Separate from the open office is the dean’s office with its own meeting room. Situated in an abstract room these “objects”, made of a combination of plywood and veneer plywood, define spaces within themselves and for the landscape office.

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